Peter Cutino Awards Banquet

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Contact: Girlie Manuel   

1999 Club President, Ed Rudloff Jr., sponsored the first event and saw it to fruition. The Cutino Award has now solidified its presence as a nationally known, collegiate athletic award. Since Peter Cutino’s passing in 2004, his family has continued to support the award. His wife Louise, daughter Anna and son Paul have attended the event every year and helped with the awards presentations.

Past Recipients:
1999 Bernice Orwig, (USC) & Sean Kern, (UCLA)
2000 Aniko Pelle, (USC) & Sean Kern, (UCLA) 
2001 Coralie Simmons, (UCLA) & Tony Azevedo, (Stanford)
2002 Brenda Villa, (Stanford) & Tony Azevedo, (Stanford)
2003 Jackie Frank, (Stanford) & Tony Azevedo, (Stanford)
2004 Moriah Van Norman, (USC) & Tony Azevedo, (Stanford)
2005 Natalie Golda, (UCLA) & Juraj Zatovic, (USC)
2006 Lauren Wenger, (USC) & John Mann (UC Berkeley)
2007 Kelly Rulon, (UCLA) & Tim Hutten (UC Irvine)
2008 Courtney Mathewson from (UCLA) & J.W. Krumpholz  (USC)
2009 Kami Craig, (USC) & J.W. Krumpholz, (USC)
2010 Kami Craig, (USC) & Ivan Rackov (UC Berkeley)
2011 Annika Dries, (Stanford) & Joel Dennerly, (USC)
2012 Kiley Neushul, (Stanford) & Balazs Erdelyi, (UOP)
2013 Melissa Seidemann, (Stanford) & Balazas Erdelyi, (UOP)
2014 Anika Dries, (Stanford) & Kostas Genidounias, (USC)
2015 Kiley Neushul, (Stanford) & Garrett Danner (UCLA)
2016 Stephania Haralabidis (USC)

Annual Trans Tahoe Relay

July 18, 2015 // //
The Trans Tahoe Relay Swim began back in 1931 when Myrtle Huddleston swam from Glenbrook to Tahoe Tavern Pier in 23 hours and 53 Minutes. In 1955, Norm Peterson of San Francisco swam from Cave Rock to Meeks Bay (9 miles) in 6 hours and 43 minutes. These pioneers paved the way for the 900 plus swimmers who today gather every July to swim 11.5 miles from Sand Harbor, Nevada to Skylandia Beach, California to participate in the Trans-Tahoe Relay Swim.

In photo: Anne O'Dea, John O'Dea, Eric Schleenlein, Joe Dietrich, Kate Christensen, Lee Haris, John Taggart (our skipper), John Christian

The Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay is one of the most unique open water swimming events in the world. In 1976 Olympic Club members decided to challenge each other to a team race across Lake Tahoe. Soon after, other clubs were invited to join this annual "Invitational Relay" event. Last year the race attracted over 1134 competitors from all over the country. The Trans Tahoe Relay has become one of the largest open water swims in the world. Promoting team camaraderie and spirited competition between swimming clubs and other groups and organizations, it is now seen as a landmark of open water events.