Dress Code

The Club Dress Code is in effect at all times on Club property. It is intended to preserve the dignity and decorum of the membership. (Last updated Dec. 2, 2015.)

A.  Attire Definitions & Conduct

1.  Business Attire

Men: Suit & Tie or Slacks with Sport Coat and Tie. Shirts must be tucked in. Women: Skirt or Pants with Jacket, Dress, Suit or Coordinated Ensemble. 

2.  Business Casual

Men: Slacks with Collared Shirt, Turtleneck or Mock Turtleneck. No Sport Coat required. Shirts must be tucked in.

Women: Slacks or Skirt with Blouse, Turtleneck or Mock Turtleneck, Sleeveless Shirt or Sweater and Dress Hats when part of an ensemble.

NOTE: The following is not acceptable for Business Attire or Business Casual:

·         Athletic Attire

·         Cargo pants

·         Collarless Shirts (men)

·         Denim of any color and sort to include skirts, pants, shirts and jackets (excluding exceptions at City Clubhouse).

·         Sandals (men)

·         Shorts

·         Sneakers

·         Tee shirts 

3.  Casual Attire

Men: Denim allowed with a collared shirt. Shirts are not required to be tucked in. No sneakers or sandals.

Women: Denim allowed, no printed tee shirts. No Sneakers  

4.  Golf Attire

Men: Collared Shirts with Sleeves, Turtleneck, Mock Turtleneck, Sweaters, Jackets. Traditional (shoe top) tailored length Trousers, Plus Fours (knickers) or Golf Shorts (shorts more than 2” above the knee or cargo shorts are not permitted). Shirts must be tucked in.


Women: Collared or Crew Shirts with or without Sleeves, Turtleneck or Mock Turtlenecks, Sweaters, Jackets. Slacks, Sport Dresses, Skirts, Culottes, Plus Fours (knickers), Golf Shorts (shorts more than 4” above the knee are not permitted). Shirts with a finished hem designed to be worn loose need not be tucked into slacks or skirts. Tights may only be worn under Skirts or Golf Shorts. 

5. Tennis Attire

Men: Collared shirts with sleeves, turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and long sleeve crew neck athletic warm up shirts are permitted with tennis shorts or warm-up pants. Collared quarter zip pullovers and sweatshirts may be worn over collared shirts, turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks.


Women: Collared or crew shirts with or without sleeves, turtleneck or mock turtlenecks and racerback* tennis shirts are permitted with  tennis skirts, skorts, shorts, or warm-up pants in addition to tennis dresses. Sweatshirts may be worn over tennis shirts. *Please note, racerback tennis shirts are not approved attire anywhere else at Lakeside.


Men and Women: Only footwear appropriate for Tennis Courts may be worn. 

6.  Athletic Attire & Conduct

Appropriate clothing and footwear as it relates to the sporting activity. Members and guests must wear appropriate athletic attire when going to and from the fitness areas and

when in the corridors and elevators of the clubhouse.


Shirts must be worn in the Fitness areas. Cutoffs are not acceptable Athletic attire. Swimsuits must be worn in the swimming pools and spa.


Footwear is required in all areas. For a specific sport activity closed toe shoes are required.  Non-marking shoes must be worn when using the squash, handball, basketball and tennis courts.  Sandals and slippers are required in the steam rooms, shower rooms and sauna. Bare feet are only allowed while in the swimming pools or spa or yoga areas.


Hats, caps or visors may be worn on the Sun Deck of the City Clubhouse and on Lakeside property only with the bill facing forward.


Swim suits or towels must be worn while in the steam rooms, shower rooms, sauna. 

7.  Men’s Shirts

Except for Casual and Athletic attire, shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts. T- shirts are not acceptable for Casual, Business Casual, Golf or Tennis attire.


B.  Application of Dress Code: City Clubhouse

The following are minimum standards for attire:


Post Street and Sutter Street Entrances, Main Lobby, and All Other Areas Casual and Athletic Attire permitted at all times


The Café Athletic Attire, swimwear and robes permitted Article III (Dining area) Casual Attire

Article III Bar and Article III Express (A3X) Athletic Attire. Swimwear and robes are not permitted.


Hall of Fame and 1860 Business Casual Attire


Main Dining Room and 2nd Floor and Meeting Rooms*

·         Wednesday and Thursday Dinner Business Casual Attire on a six month trial basis effective 10/15/2015 – 4/15/2016

*unless otherwise advertised


C.  Application of Dress Code: Lakeside Clubhouse & Property

The following are minimum standards for attire:


Business Casual attire may be worn throughout the clubhouse except during special events on the main floor.


Except as defined under Business Casual attire for women, hats, caps or visors may not be worn in the clubhouse. When worn outside the clubhouse, caps must have the bill facing forward.


Denim, cargo shorts/pants or cutoffs are not permitted anywhere on Lakeside property. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.



Golf attire (including shorts and soft spikes) is permitted on the Main Floor of the Lakeside Clubhouse during golf events with the exception of the Main Bar and Main Dining Room during normally scheduled dining hours.  Metal spikes are not allowed on the Main Floor of the Lakeside Clubhouse at any time.

Members and guests are not allowed to change their clothing or shoes in the Lakeside valet area.  Shoes may be changed in the parking lot.


Pants: Denim, cutoffs, fatigue or cargo style trousers or cargo shorts are not allowed anywhere on the Lakeside property, including the parking lots and snack bars.


Footwear: Shoes are required. Sneakers are not acceptable for Business Casual attire; sandals are not acceptable for Golf or Tennis Attire. Soft spikes are permitted on the Main Floor of the Lakeside Clubhouse during golf events with the exception of the Main Bar and Main Dining Room during normally scheduled dining hours; metal spikes are not allowed on the Main Floor of the Lakeside Clubhouse at any time.


Main Floor and Main Dining Room/Bar

·         Business Casual, Golf and Tennis Attire (no shorts)

·         After 5pm on Friday Business Casual (Golf and Tennis Attire are not permitted)

·         After 4pm on Sunday Business Casual (Golf and Tennis Attire are not permitted) Grill Room/Bar, Domino Room, Snack Bar Golf and Tennis Attire

Golf Courses, Driving Range & Golf Practice Areas Golf Attire and during Pacific Standard Time (PST), metal spikes are optional.

Tennis Courts Tennis Attire

Club Events Business Attire unless otherwise noted