Peter J. Cutino Awards

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The 25th Annual Cutino Awards will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024
at The Olympic Club City Clubhouse in downtown San Francisco.

About the Peter J. Cutino Awards


The Peter J. Cutino Award made its debut in 1999.  This award is a symbol of the commitment The Olympic Club has toward athletics and to the great tradition of its Water Polo program.  The namesake of the award is perhaps the greatest name in United States Water Polo—former UC Berkeley and The Olympic Club of San Francisco Water Polo coach Peter J. Cutino.

The Peter J. Cutino Award is presented annually by The Olympic Club to honor the outstanding Division One collegiate male and female athlete in the sport of Water Polo. The sport of Water Polo has a long and distinguished history at The Olympic Club and it is the distinct pleasure of the Club to sponsor this award.

The Club’s rich tradition of excellence in the sport of Water Polo began in the 1930’s and continues today.  It is this tradition combined with one of the greatest names in the sport that will form the legacy that will secure the Peter J. Cutino Award a place in history as a symbol of athletic excellence.

Administration of the award is the responsibility of the awards Executive Director, The Olympic Club’s standing Athletic Director.  A five person Board of Trustees works with the Executive Director of the award to advise in areas of the awards tradition and integrity.  The Cutino Award Trustees serve no more than three years.  One Trustee is a member of the Athletic Committee; one Trustee is from the Board of Directors; and the remaining two Trustees are from The Olympic Club’s Water Polo program or the Water Polo community outside The Olympic Club.

Previous Recipients

Ceremony YearMen's SeasonMen's WinnerMen's SchoolWomen's SeasonWomen's WinnerWomen's School
20001999Sean KernUCLA1999Bernice OrwigUSC
20012000Sean KernUCLA2000Aniko PelleUSC
20022001Tony AzevedoStanford2001 / 2002Coraline Simmons / Brenda VillaUCLA / Stanford
20032002Tony AzevedoStanford2003Jackie FrankStanford
20042003Tony AzevedoStanford2004Moriah van NormanUSC
20052004Tony AzevedoStanford2005Natalie GoldaUCLA
20062005Juraj ZatovicUSC2006Lauren WengerUSC
20072006John MannUC Berkeley2007Kelly RulonUCLA
20082007Tim HuttenUC Irvine2008Courtney MathewsonUCLA
20092008J. W. KrumpholzUSC2009Kami CraigUSC
20102009J. W. KrumpholzUSC2010Kami CraigUSC
20112010Ivan RackovUC Berkeley2011Annika DriesStanford
20122011Joel DennerleyUSC2012Kiley NeushulStanford
20132012Balazs ErdelyiUniversity of the Pacific2013Melissa SeidemannStanford
20142013Balazs ErdelyiUniversity of the Pacific2014Annika DriesStanford
20152014Konstantinos GenidouniasUSC2015Kiley NeushulStanford
20162015Garrett DannerUCLA2016Stephania HaralabidisUSC
20172016McQuin BaronUSC2017Ashleigh JohnsonPrinceton
20182017Luca CupidoUC Berkeley2018Amanda LonganUSC
20192018Ben HallockStanford2019Makenzie FischerStanford
20202019Ben HallockStanford2020COVIDn/a
20212020Nicolas SaveljicUCLA2021Maud MegensUSC
20222021Nikolaos PapanikolaouUC Berkeley2022Makenzie Fischer Stanford