Using The Olympic Club Logo

Request Logos from The Olympic Club

If you need to use The Olympic Club’s logo, you must use the form below to request for approval for such use and access to the branding materials. Please read the licensing agreement and usage guidelines carefully before submitting your request.

Logo Usage Guidelines


The Olympic Club generally uses two different logos to visually represent the Club’s identity. The first variation consists of the words “The Olympic Club” written horizontally above the Winged “O.” The second is the Winged “O” by itself, with no words. When using the logo with an audience that is not familiar with the club, please use the version with the words.

Olympic Club Logos

The logo must stand on its own and have adequate white space all around it. Do not combine it with any other graphics. If using the logo in conjunction with other brand logos, The Olympic Club logo must visually be the same size as the other logos.

Please use the provided logo files as is and DO NOT alter the logo in any way, including:

  • Stretching or shrinking the logo
  • Using the Winged “O” with “The Olympic Club” in a different font
  • Fill in any part of the logo, like the middle of the “O” with colors
  • Crop the logo in any way
  • Add effects like drop shadows or embossing to the logo
  • Use the logo in a color other than the approved colors below


Please stick to the approved colors for the logo below when ordering merchandise or apparel. The logo should not appear in any other colors. When using the logo on a colored background, please ensure there is sufficient contrast to stand out. Do not use the logo on a busy, high-contrast background that interferes with the readability of the logo. Red is the preferred color for the logo, please use it whenever possible.

Red PMS 1807
CMYK: 24,92,79,15
RGB: 169,52,57
Web: A93439
CMYK: 0,0,0,100
RGB: 0,0,0
Web: 000000
CMYK: 0,0,0,0
RGB: 255,255,255

Terms and Conditions

The Olympic Club logo is not intended for any other commercial use and may not be sold or reproduced in any other form.

Based on that understanding, The Olympic Club hereby grants to you the nonexclusive right to use the logo. You agree that The Olympic Club has a right of approval. You agree further that you will inform The Olympic Club of any material changes to the work from the description presented and that The Olympic Club will have the right to withdraw its permission for you to do this work.

In addition, this license is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All copies of the work shall identify The Olympic Club.
  2. You shall promptly send a copy of the work to the General Manager’s office ([email protected]) at The Olympic Club for its reference and records.
  3. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold The Olympic Club harmless from and of any claims, demands or damages, including attorney’s fees that in any way arise from the creation and distribution of the work.
  4. The license granted hereunder is non-assignable.
  5. This license may be withdrawn at any time.


If the preceding is acceptable to you, please indicate your acceptance by signing below.

Request Approval and Access

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  • Please note, all files are supplied in Adobe CC format. If you need materials saved to a previous version of Adobe Suites, you'll have the option to email us after your request is approved and you have reviewed the materials.