Lake Course


Lake Course - Hole 2

Lake Course Hole 2
Par 4

At 436 yards, this hole requires a driver off the tee to have a shorter iron into this elevated green. The target off the tee is the left greenside bunker with either a straight or slight fade shot off the tee. The fairway has been expanded, so a tee shot hit to the far right will now feed to the left center of the fairway. Try and keep the second shot left of the hole, which will give an uphill putt as the green slopes drastically from right to left. The false front is worth noting on both the approach shot as well as a putt from back to front. The new greenside back bunker with a turf island adds a dramatic final flourish to the hole and merges into the nearby native grass areas.

Tee Yardage
Champ 445
Black 436
Blue 388
White 369
Red 293
Green 287